Special Events

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Special Events
The following are some of the exciting events in which the C.E.C. Children participate:
  • Pumpkin patch visits and stories with Mr. Scarecrow
  • Monthly Chapel
  • Fall Festival costume parade
  • Food Donation to C.R.O.S. food pantries
  • Thanksgiving Feast
  • Christmas Program
  • Gift Presentation to New Hope Ministries
  • Sweet Heart Dance
  • Spring Fair
  • Parent’s Day Teas
  • Pre-K graduation

Pumpkin Patch Visits with Mr. Scarecrow
Fall Festival Costume Parade
Pre-K Graduation
Kids Gift Presentation
Christmas Program
Parent's Day Tea
Pre-K Graduation
The fun doesn't have to end after the official school year!...Summer Camp is also lots of fun for our C.E.C children, Just Click Here for more info